The Binding of Isaac [7] – Judas in the Cathedral

After what’s been ages of me playing this game, I decided to return to it, just so I can reach and beat the chest at least once. I wasn’t sure who I beat the Cathedral with and I was to lazy to check, so I went for a shot with Judas.

The first few tries failed in record speeds, but my third or fourth attempt was an extremely lucky one. In the very second room, I got the Hierophant card, giving me two spirit hearts. The first treasure room contained Polyphemus, meaning I could suddenly hit like a truck, especially combined with the Book of Belial I started with.

Then the second boss gave me access to the Devil room, where I bought Mom’s Knife for just one hearth. In case you don’t know, Polyphemus basically reduces your shot rate badly, but it also insanely increases the damage of your shots and gives them a type of piercing effect. Well, Mom’s Knife adds piercing to and increases the damage even further.

Basically, for the next few levels, I could just run into bosses and hit them with one shot. In addition to this, I got the Mitre, which provides an extra chance to get spirit hearts, as well as the Nun’s Habit and eventually, the Book of Revelation. Suffice to say, by the end of this game, I was swimming in spirit hearts and my shots could kill god. I beat the game easily, even with the stupid amounts of damage I was taking due to being rusty.

Sadly, it seems I’ve already beaten it with Judas previously, so this really means I only have the “bad” characters left to beat it with. One of them will have to be next.