Air Conflicts: Secret Wars [2] – Azerbaijan and Yugoslavia

The Fall Blau chapter was relatively easy to get through. As far as I can remember, I managed to beat all of the missions on my first try. It also wasn’t extremely interesting. Luckily, the third chapter, Operation Black, took place in Yugoslavia, during the battle for Neretva, which made extremely interesting for me, what with me being a Croat.

Again, they took some liberties with the story, but also added historic events into it. Overall, I like how it’s progressing and the only real complaint I have about the game is the atrocious voice work of the main character. There’s no chance in hell she’s 14 and there’s no way that accent is real. Also, I think she’s a robot, because I have yet to detect any emotion.

Air Conflicts Plane

This newer plane quickly became my favorite – agile and strong!

Other than that, the battles are fun and simple, the planes vary enough to have a point and recently, the game introduced RPG-like stats which I upgrade after every mission. So far, I’ve upgraded my agility completely, making my planes more mobile, and I’m now upgrading my Luck, which increases the chance of critical shots. Critical shots basically kill the enemy plane instantly, so I figured this would be my best option to make the game easier to get through.

Chapter four is named “Operation Belt” and it takes place in Poland, it seems. I don’t remember this Operation from my history class, but there’s a Wikipedia entry for it, so it definitely is real. I’m looking forward to clearing that one as well.

Right now, I’m still trying to figure out what else to play. I think I might try getting access to and clearing The Chest on the Binding of Isaac, just so I can count the Wrath of the Lamb expansion as completed to.