Titan Quest – Immortal Throne (PC) (COMPLETED)

The game is finished. I crossed the river Styx and fought and defeated Charon there. Now a bridge is built across the river and everyone will have the right to pass. Afterwards, I’ve reach Elysium which was under attack by Hades’ forces. Fighting my way trough, I solved a bunch of quests, and in the end entered Hades’ fortress. In there, I first freed Persephone from her chains and then fought my way towards the throne where Hades was waiting.

Hades wasn’t that hard. I think Typhoon was way harder. The first form was disposed of in a few seconds. The second took a little longer, but it still wasn’t that hard. I was able to just stand and hack away most of the battle. Finishing the game unlocked the legendary difficulty, but I’m not that eager to play it. It’s a good game, but not Diablo.