Toki Tori [3] and Titan Attacks [4], Again

As per usual, I wasted some time on these two games today.

With Toki Tori, the same thing happened again. The level I was stuck on was suddenly easy to solve, after a good night’s rest. I solved the two remaining levels of the castle world and unlocked the next one, called Stinky Swamp, if I remember correctly. I got a new item, which I can use to suck in slugs, or just change the direction of their movement, if I only use it for a moment. I solved the first couple of easy levels and then promptly got stuck on one of the next few.

Toki Tori Swamp Zone Transition Screenshot

The way to the Swamp Zone.

As for Titan Attacks, I got pretty much nowhere. The difficulty of the last zone is a nightmare. I’m slowly getting used to it, but I have yet to see the final boss.