World of Warcraft – The Burning Crusade (PC), Part 2

This has been played allot! Larthas is now level 25 and has already completed The Stockades and the Dead Mines. Right now, he’s in Stormwind getting ready to go to a new zone more appropriate to his level.

An undead rogue was also created along with his undead warlock companion (my neighbor). They’re working together to become the most powerful Forsaken to ever walk the World. This time, the friend I was talking about finally remembered the right name of the Realm where his other friends are. However, he’s in high school and his semester is nearing the end, so he has lots of exams. That is why both of these characters are only level 10.

EDIT: Larthas is now level 27 and has advanced his career in the ranks of the Darkshire Nightwatch. He killed a bunch of undead, hunted some wolves and werewolves and has also slain a few spiders. He now has a nice long fire red cloak that matches his armor perfectly.