World of Warcraft – The Burning Crusade (PC), Part 1

I ordered it on Sunday, and got it on Wednesday. I’ve been playing it since, so goodbye life. It’s every bit as great as I imagined. I started a Human Paladin on Azuremyst Realm and got him to level 16. I’ve explored a few areas and solved about 80 to 90 different quests.

A friend ordered his copy at the same time, so the plan was to create characters we would only play together. The problem is he has other friends that already play the game, so we wanted to play on the same Realm. This would be great if he hadn’t told me the wrong Realms for three times already. That is why I also have 2 characters bellow level 10 that I won’t be playing anymore. Tonight, I hope we will start on the right Realm.

As for the second expansion, I won’t be buying it until the price drops a bit. As I understand, most of the additions are high level anyway.