Wrapping up Business in Skyrim – Master Criminal

With Oblivion Walker out of the way, it was time to tackle the final few achievements. Since Steam handles achievements separately from regular save games, I decided to take the easy way out with the Wanted and Master Criminal achievements. I saved my game to a separate slot and punched a guard. I was thrown in jail, and easily picked the lock, since my character is a rogue with well trained lockpicking.

I reloaded my game and started tackling the master criminal achievements. The problem was, I was so stealthy I had to actively make sure to be seen when killing someone in each of the holds. In case you aren’t sure, I give you the list of holds and their capitals. Don’t forget, if you kill the witnesses, your bounty is gone, so you need to kill a guard or civilian and then run away.

Skyrim Master Criminal Achievement – List of Regions

  • Eastmarch with the capital in Windhelm
  • Falkreath with the capital of the same name
  • Haafingar with the capital in Solitude
  • Hjaalmarch with the capital in Morthal
  • The Pale with the capital in Dawnstar
  • The Reach with the capital in Markath
  • The Rift with the capital in Riften
  • Whiterun with the capital of the same name
  • Winterhold with the capital of the same name

As I said, all that’s needed is to kill one person there and then run away. This is what I did, though I was interrupted by a dragon attack at one point, because I foolishly decided to go start the dragon “invasion” earlier. It took me a short while, and the achievement was mine. When it popped up, I reloaded my game from the earlier slot. It was simpler than going to each hold and pay the fines.

With both of these gone now, the two achievements left were Master and Thu’um Master. As I said before, I expected to achieve Master automatically, and this was getting closer, what with being 49 and close to 50 already. Thu’um Master, on the other hand, is going to take some time.