Babel Rising [2] – I Didn’t Like It [COMPLETED]

I invested two more hours into this and today, I managed to complete Babel Rising. First, let’s get one thing out of the way…

How Many Levels Are There in Babel Rising?

Fifteen. There are fifteen levels in this game. Considering the amount of actual content it has, that’s about ten to many. All you ever really need are one level for each of the four elements and one level where you can freely pick two out of those four and use them. Maybe one or two levels added to that, and that’s about it. Everything else in Babel Rising is just padding and completely unnecessary.

Babel Rising - Game Completed

Finally! Now just leave me alone!

Other than the fifteen campaign levels, there are three more survival levels with two degrees of difficulty per level.

Does Babel Rising Get Any Better?

It doesn’t. All the way to the final level, you are limited in which two powers you can pick and nothing new is ever really added to the game. At one point, siege towers are introduced which approach the central tower and spawn workers and priests, which start at already higher levels. At one other point, special sequences are introduced where the camera switches to the nearby sea and you use fireballs to destroy approaching ships. None of these two things add anything to the game.

Babel Rising - Final Level Objective

The final level. At this point, the objective really pissed me off.

The only thing that really changes is that the level objectives take longer and become more annoying to achieve. That’s it.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Babel Rising?

Steam says “3 Hours Played”. As soon as the game was over, I took a quick look at the menus to make sure I’m not missing anything and then I left it. I’ll tag it as completed in steam, uninstall it and try to forget about it.

I’m sorry, but Babel Rising is not at all a good game and even the developer approaching me in the comments won’t change my opinion. Babel Rising is uninteresting and unfun. There’s nothing saving it. There’s a DLC for it, called “Sky’s the Limit”, but from the description, it just seems it adds more padding and nothing substantial.

Babel Rising - Ships

Oh look, another completely irrelevant and empty addition.

So why did I complete it? Because it didn’t take long, it was pretty to look at and I just had an itch to get it over with. I’m weird like that. I’m sure some of you can name a game that did the same to you. I’d be interested to hear about it, so feel free to mention it in the comments. The silence is sort of starting to bug me 😀

So yeah. I’ve completed the game, but It didn’t give me enough to write about, so you get this. I’m sorry.