Bastion [3] – New Game+ Completed!

I started playing as soon as I was done with my last article yesterday and got all the six cores that evening, in less than two hours. Throughout today, I’ve completed the rest in a couple of relatively short sessions. The story is a breeze when you start out with most of your weapons almost fully upgraded.

In addition to completing the story, I managed to complete all the extra “meditation” levels with all ten idols active. Some needed several attempts, but none of them were too hard, mostly in thanks to my Pike/Mortar combo.

Bastion Art - Rucks and the Kid

Rucks might be getting tired of all the talking, but I’m not.

I only have one achievement left now, and that is to get enough points in the Score Attack mode. I started up this mode a few minutes ago, just to see what it was about, and it looks like you get to repeat levels, and earn points by killing enemies. You also don’t get to keep your gear or your levels, just the idols and spirits.I also got the hidden Turret Opera achievement which requires me to have my Portal turret kill 20 enemies before dying. In case anyone is wondering while reading this article a few years from now, you get the portal turret in New Game+ once you find the girl. I got it on the Kid dream level.

I’ll try to tackle that tomorrow, unless I finally start playing Minecraft Tekkit with a friend. We’ve been talking about trying this out for a while now.