Bastion [2] – Completed Again

As you might know, I used to almost exclusively pirate games. A while ago, I decided to stop, in order to get more enjoyment from my gaming, which seems to be working for now.

Bastion was one of the games I pirated. To this day, I consider it one of the top games I’ve ever played, right up there with Final Fantasy VII and some other games. This, and the fact that I pirated it in the past, made me decide to obtain this game legitimately and play through it again.

Bastion Art - The Characters

Playing Bastion is a magical experience.

So now that I’ve finished the game officially, with a legit copy and on Steam, I’ll probably also tackle the achievements and try to reach 100% completion. It doesn’t look too hard, but it might take a while, since you have to basically complete the game a total of three times in order to get all the achievements. I’m not sure if I’m going to do it right away, but I definitely intend to do it with this one.The first half of this decision was done weeks ago, when Bastion was part of the Humble Bundle. The second half began and ended today. I started a fresh game this morning and completed it this evening. It’s still the perfect experience I remember from over a year ago, and it’s still one of my favourite games. The soundtrack, the graphics, and the story combine with the gameplay perfectly, making it a one of a kind experience. Seriously, any gamer should at least invest a couple of hours on this game.