Port Royale 2 [2] – Building a Trade Empire

I’ve wasted a couple of hours on Port Royale again. I got another captain to a high enough experience level to do automatic trading and sent him with a convoy to trade in the large central area of the Caribbean. After a couple of rounds, he was bringing in about 1000 gold per day, so he’ll be a nice addition to my income. I also have a different captain working the small trade route between the two towns I have properties in. This one is bringing in about 500 a day, so not as much, put still quite nice.

Port Royale 2 - Town View

This is yesterday’s, because I keep forgetting to take screenshots.

I also tried my luck with the first scenario that isn’t a tutorial, but I failed in a very epic fashion, meaning I still have a lot to learn about the game. Still, I’m getting there.Thanks to all this, some warehouse management and investing, I got up to around 400 thousand or so, and I’m growing at an insane rate. I already have a nice wood industry going, a bunch of wheat and cotton plantations, several residential buildings and I’ve just built a cloth factory. My plan is to keep getting building permits in locations around my base of operations and focus on further increasing my passive income, so I can stop trading with my primary convoy, and start doing other fun stuff in the Caribbean.