Change in Philosophy

As I previously said, I’ve recently started working my very first job. It´s pretty good. The atmosphere is nice, there isn’t much stress, and I’m familiar with the tools and the environment I’m working in, so there’s no anxiety about me not being able to do my part. The money isn’t huge, but my cost of living is extremely low, so most of it will be left for me to spend however I please.

The huge amount of free time I had is now gone, though. I wake up at six in the morning and I’m back home at around 16:00. I’m rarely ready to play anything before five in the afternoon. That´s still quite a lot of time available to play, but there´s also other things I want to do. Basically, pretty soon, money won’t be an issue with my hobby, but time will be.

That being said, my backlog library is huge, and a lot of those games are in it simply because they were bundled with something I actually wanted to play, they were dirt cheap, free, or I just thought they would be more fun to play.

This is why I feel a change in philosophy is in order. From now on, the goal of completing every game in my backlog is put on low priority. First and foremost, I’ll be playing games I know or really hope I’ll enjoy. That means I’ll also be buying new ones if the opportunity comes and I won’t be wasting too much time on games I´m not truly enjoying.

Of course, if I run out of those, I’ll be going back to my backlog, but that won’t happen too often. The blog will keep going, of course. It´s just that the games I’ll be playing will have more in common.