Re-Review: Faerie Solitaire – Clarification

I’ve recently completed Faerie Solitaire and wrote the sort of review I usually write when I’m done with the game. To put it bluntly, I was harsh. Now that I got back to reading it, I was way too harsh. This is why I would like to give it another shot.

The only real flaw I see with Faerie Solitaire is that it’s not at all deep. To call this a flaw is completely subjective, though. The story, for me, was basic and sort of predictable, but for what the game is supposed to be, it’s up to snuff. As for the gameplay, I find it a bit too random, but still fun enough that I invested 10 hours into it and got to the end. Yeah, I believe it would be way more fun if the pets did something, but that doesn’t mean the pets are a bad mechanic and should go away, that’s just me thinking about how I would enjoy it more.

As far as the good parts go, everything else I can only praise. The graphics of Faerie Solitaire are beautifully and professionally drawn, the sounds are enjoyable and as a time waster, it’s great choice. The pets are also nicely drawn and described, and the extra bonuses you can buy are an interesting mechanic that makes you play for a while longer.

Also, and I have to mention this, the developers, called Subsoap, are an awesome bunch of people. I got this game for free on Steamgifts, when they gave away 25 thousand copies! They also gave away a whole bunch on reddit, and more importantly, Brian, one of the guys from Subsoap actually replied to my last Faerie Solitaire article, which really shows how much they care about their work and how it’s received. This makes me care to, because, as few readers as I might have, I don’t want them to get the idea I think this game is crap.

I don’t think Faerie Solitaire is crap, far from it. Too many other games deserve that description. It’s a good game. It’s just not the type of game I usually play, that’s all. If you like solitaire and wan’t a fun casual game, go for it. I need depth in my games and Faerie Solitaire doesn’t have it. It’s not supposed to have it, that’s not what it’s about.