Faerie Solitaire [3] – Completed!

It took me ten hours of playing in total, but today, I finally managed to complete the last stage and end the game. I have no idea what compelled me to play this utterly dull and not at all engaging game, but I did it, and now I can play something else.

Faerie Solitaire - In Game

I had to run the game one last time to get an actual game screenshot.

With the game over, I’ve collected 26 out of 30 achievements in total. Getting the last four doesn’t really sound like a fun activity, though:The last few levels weren’t any different than the previous levels. I think that’s my main issue with the game. Past the first few levels, there is absolutely nothing new that happens. It’s just a single, monotonous activity you do from start to end. The pets could’ve been something to help with this, but they do nothing to the game. They’re basically just stamps you collect. If only each pet had something like a passive bonus to you as a player, it would all be so much more engaging.

  • Elite Skills: Complete all challenges.
  • Hatch’em All: Collect the baby form of each pet.
  • Millionaire: Earn $1,000,000.
  • All Grown Up:¬†Collect each pet’s adult form.

Elite Skills is doable. The challenge levels seem only slightly harder than the later adventure levels. The only real difficulty is filling the purple bar in less than 1 minute on each level. It’s not impossible, but it requires luck. Then again, pretty much anything in this game requires luck.¬†Millionaire is close enough already. I’d probably get it by the time I get Elite Skills, since I’m already at around $800,000 right now.

Faerie Solitaire - Endinge

The game ends with a cliffhanger, since a sequel is planned.

Hatch’em All and All Grown Up are the annoying achievements. The way I understand it, you get eggs at random when you clear a single column of cards, just like with gold and materials. Throughout my ten hours of playing, I didn’t even get half of them. As far as I know, there is no faster way to get them, meaning I’d probably have to play for at least as much as I did already. In addition to that, for a pet to evolve, you have to play long enough with that pet set as active. This means even more time is needed, and nothing else other than the time.

Suffice to say, there is no chance in hell I’m doing this.