FInal Fantasy VIII [28] – Lunatic Pandora

To enter Lunatic Pandora, I was “forced” to watch another awesome FMV sequence where Ragnarok blows a hole through its shields and outer shell and then pushes its way through. I feel I have to emphasize on this, but I really do think Ragnarok is the best looking airship of all the Final Fantasy games. I’m not sure about the second place, but Ragnarok definitely takes the first one in my opinion.

Final Fantasy VIII, Ragnarok Scene

The combination of CGI and real time graphics was already used in Final Fantasy VII, but it was greatly improved here.

Once that fight was done, I continued inwards and stumbled into Biggs and Wedge having a realization. They hate their job, so they decide to quit right there, removing one potential fight from my list. Further in, I finally got to the point where that robot threw me out in Esthar. This time, it was a boss battle. Since I knew it was going to be a robot, I junctioned Thundaga on my Elemental Attack, making this another easy fight. I was actually doing 9999 damage per hit without Meltdown or anything like that.As soon as I entered, the last battle against Raijin and Fujin started. It was extremely easy, due to me now being insanely overpowered, so it was done in about two minutes. There was also nothing to draw, and there won’t be anything to draw from now on, so I will be able to just focus on damage instead. I’m still going to keep my Draw command, though, since a lot of the enemies and bosses have spells I can use on them directly, by Draw Casting.

After that, I could continue further in, where I finally met up with Seifer. Raijin and Fuijin give him an ultimatum, asking for “the old Seifer” to come back, but he doesn’t listen, so I end up fighting and beating him. Since I had Odin, I was also treated with a nice sequence at this point. Odin charges at the start of the fight, but ends up being destroyed by Seifer. Odin’s sword flies to the skies and gets caught by someone’s or something’s hand. At the end of the battle, it’s revealed whose hand it was – Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is another GF like Odin, and he will be helping me from now on. He started helping right there, by finishing off Seifer and thanking me for returning him the “fourth sword”.

Final Fantasy VIII, Seifer and Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh looks cooler, but Odin still feels cooler.

Laguna and Ellone got there; Rinoa accepted Adel’s powers and Ellone did her thing. Everything went wibbly-wobbly and the time compression started.Anyway, Seifer was defeated, but managed to grab Rinoa on his way out and take her to Adel, following the time compression plan perfectly. I followed immediately and another boss battle, this time against Adel, started. This one was a bit trickier, since Adel was “fused” with Rinoa and drained her health every now and then. Luckily, a single Regen cast on Rinoa was enough to offset the health drain and keep her alive. Soon enough, Adel was done and it was time to begin the time compression.