Final Fantasy VIII [30] – The Final Showdown

I got past the bridge and saved my game. The final boss battle was waiting.

Ultimecia had the same sense of fashion as Edea, it seems, which makes sense since she was the one possessing Edea. ┬áRight at the start of the battle, she did the most evil thing of any boss in any of the Final Fantasy games – she picked the initial party to fight against at random.

Final Fantasy VIII, Ultimecia

The villain needs to have her speech.

That wasn’t the end, though. After I defeated her, she decided to summon her GF as a last resort. Griever had a flying lion style going for it and some truly annoying abilities. The GF could completely destroy an entire stock of magic from any of my characters. Soon after the fight against him started, he decided to do just that and destroy Zell’s whole supply of Life. I took the opportunity to bring in another of my junctioned party members by letting Selphie get killed. A few turns after she died, Squall replaced her spot and I could start doing some serious damage. I used an Aura Stone on Squall and dished out Renzokuken with Lionheart, which pretty much killed Griever in one swoop.Luckily, Zell was one of the first three, and Zell was geared up, so it wasn’t to much of an issue. Additionally, even though Selphie and Rinoa weren’t properly junctioned, thanks to my planned leveling, they still did a decent amount of damage so overall, Ultimecia went down relatively fast.

Final Fantasy VIII, Ultimecia Junctioning Herself

At least she’s thinking outside the box.

Again, it wasn’t over yet. Ultimecia decided to now junction herself to Griever, creating a monster that was a fusion of both of them. This meant the enemy was using Ultimecia’s magic, while still being able to destroy my magic stocks. I took the opportunity to bring in Irvine and continued with Renzokuken on Squall. Eventually, this one fell to and the final form of Ultimecia appeared.

Final Fantasy VIII, Ultimecia New Form

She looked better in her first form.

The final form had a nasty attack called Hell’s Judgement, which would reduce everyone in the group to 1HP. Luckily, I had a supply of about 10 Megaelixirs, so this wasn’t hard to deal with. Again, I continued Renzokuken with Squall, but also brought in Irvine with his Shot. Zell was assigned to Megaelixir usage, so there was never any real danger. Eventually, Ultimecia’s final form was brought down and it was all over.

Everyone tried hard to focus on which moment in time to return to, but Squall had to do something first. He got back to the point where Edea took on Ultimecia’s powers and reassured her it was all going to be OK. Then he tried to return, but it seemed to fail. Luckily, Rinoa upheld her part of the promise to meet each other at the meadow behind Edea’s house and pulled Squall into the right timeline.

Final Fantasy VIII is now completed!