Grandia [11] – The Shrine of Zil Padon

It’s been a while since I wrote about Grandia, but I’m definitely still playing it and I intend to play it more often for the next several days, since I won’t have access to Gothic for about a week.

I Went to Zil Padon

Last time, I just cleared the Lower Laine Village and got Dorlin’s horn. He was now smart again, so he could tell me how to finally get to Alent. Apparently, I need to get the Medal of Wisdom, held by the Mogay and kept in the shrine under the city. Dorlin also made it pretty clear he has the hots for Liete, so there’s that.

Grandia - Medal of Knowledge

“You must obtain {random symbol} or {randomness}.” It’s cliche, but it works.

I got to the shrine and, since Milda was out of the party, Guido decided to join in, at least for a while. I remember Guido as an extremely unmemorable character from my playthrough of Grandia as a kid, so I wasn’t thrilled, but I had a free spot so I didn’t really care.

Grandia - Guido

No spells and just these moves. Luckily, Guido doesn’t stick around for long.

Guido can’t learn any spells, uses the sword, knife and bow and has a couple of mostly useless skills. That is, they might be useful, but he doesn’t stick around for long enough to prove it. I ended up mostly using his pickpocket skill because it raises his held weapon skill and can sometimes grant me a decent item.

I Focused on Wind and Water

As far as experience goes, Justin was still leveling up at a decent rate. I started focusing on his wind and water elements, since I still had a few spells in those elements to learn. His sword and mace skills area more than high enough to get his remaining moves, but I’ll have to get an axe somewhere, before I can finally learn those.┬áThe rest of the party doesn’t really get a chance to level, but this will probably be changing soon, since the monsters are definitely getting stronger.

Grandia - Thunder Spell

The high level spells are looking pretty cool.

I Fought the Garyle Troops

As far as the story goes, there was a run in with the Garyle troops at the shrine, Baal turned out to be a major asshole and Mullen turned out to be a relatively nice guy. Also, there was a very predictable revelation about Feena (HINT: she’s Leen’s Twin sister).

Grandia - Garyle Troops

It’s amazing how the world is unexplored, I’m supposed to be the pioneer and yet these guys are always there.

I Chased Baal

Baal abducted Feena and flew off on his Grandeur airship, but Guido had a pet flying manta he brought with him “just in case”, so we could give chase. Yeah, the story really doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is fine.

Grandia - Zil Padon Scene

There was a nice animated sequence before it all went down. I like it.

In any case, this is as far as I got during the train ride. I could have probably gotten further, but it was a nice wrap up, so I decided to stop here. As I said, I won’t have access to Gothic for the next few days, so I’ll try to complete Grandia instead.