Grandia [12] – Grandeur, Laine and the Rainbow Mountains

I Fought Nana, Saki, Mio and Baal

I started to play Grandia again as soon as I got home from the train ride, so it was all still fresh for a change. I entered the Grandeur and started fighting lots and lots of Garyle soldiers. I’m not sure if it was the enemy type or something else, but the experience gain suddenly drastically decreased.

Grandia - Baal Steals Feena

I’m not exactly sure what Garyle is, but for a General, Baal sure has a lot of power.

The random fighting didn’t last long, though. Soon, I got to a room with three Garyle generals – Nana, Saki and Mio. I could finally fight and beat them. The fight was easy and Justin pretty much dominated. I got hurt a bit, but I didn’t have to heal once. Of course, they tried to make it look like they last on purpose, because that’s the character role they need to fill, but that’s what makes the game charming.

Grandia - Nana, Saki, Mio

Since I had to fight all three of them, they actually managed to squeeze in a few hits.

After that, I had to walk through a couple more rooms to get to Baal and Feena, but before that happened, Justin got separated from Rapp and Guido. I got to Baal’s room. He went completely bananas this time and I had to fight him alone with Justin. It was an easy fight, though, and I don’t think he even hit me once.

Grandia - Beating Baal

Baal was easy to beat. No challenge at all.


After that, he went even more banana’s, revealed to be a mutant freak with appendages and threw Justin and Feena off the ship. What happened next was a bit illogical. Feena being what she is, grew wings, but instead of just flying Justin into safety, they get saved by Rapp, Guido and the flying manta,

I Went to Laine and then to Rainbow Mountains

Next stop was Laine village, where the three wise men revealed to be “the guardians of Alent” and sent us to the Rainbow Mountains, where the entrance to Alent was. Rainbow Mountains are a big area designed “vertically”. This basically means I had to walk back and forth a lot to finally get through it. That was just the first part of the area, though. The second part was more straight-forward, with basically a direct route (albeit with a bit of a maze) to the end of it.

Grandia - Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is more like a rainbow elevator.

Eventually, I got to the Rainbow Bridge, Guido said his goodbyes, finally, and I was able to finally get to Alent. Soon, I’ll get my final party member – Liete of Alent.

I Got to Alent

Alent was a city in the sky, or it might even be in space, I’m not sure. There weren’t any enemies to fight in there, but there were three bosses I had to deal with, one after another. I could go back to the save point and heal, though, so they weren’t an issue. All three of them were bosses I fought before, except they got a bit beefed up here.

Grandia - Alent

Fighting boss battles is fun in Grandia. More fun than random battles, which are kind off fun to.

I finally got to the building where Liete was. I had to talk to illusions of Liete to figure out the story and finally, I got to talk to her. She said Baal survived Grandeur’s explosion and thus, revealed our primary goal. We need to stop him before he completely revives Gaia. Justin suddenly got extremely good with words, so he convinced Liete to join the team.

Grandia - Liete

Liete was actually easy to convince to joining.

Right now, I expect Liete to be completely useless. All of her stats are low, she can only use staves (or maces) and she has yet to learn her more powerful spells. Eventually, I’d like to have her catch up to the rest of the group and more importantly, I’d like everyone to catch up to Justin before I complete the game.

Of course, this actually happening all depends on me finding an area where I can level at a decent rate before the game ends. I hope an area like that exists.