Grandia [13] – Luzet Mountains and J Base

I Went Through Luzet Mountains

To get to Baa’s base of operations, I had to go through Luzet Mountains. This was a huge and extremely dull area with a low rate of experience gain. Pretty much the only worthwhile thing there was in the area were the Stat Up items I’m getting more and more off. With mana eggs not necessary any more, Stat Up items are pretty much only worthwhile thing to look for anywhere.

Grandia - King Horns

I mostly fought these guys and Yetis in Luzet Mountains.

It took me well over an hour to get through the area, which consisted of two sections, so it really sucks that I have nothing to write about, but that’s how it is. Luckily, there’s one thing that did happen I can write about.

I Found a Bug

There’s a ledge under a mountain you can jump off. It’s basically one of those one-way paths Grandia has plenty of. The issue here was, if you jump off it at the wrong spot, you can get stuck and you’re pretty much forced to reload the game. Since this is quite deep into the area, you can easily face losing a couple of hours of game time.

Grandia - Magic Art

Liete’s Magic Art spell is pure genius.

Lucky for me, a few minutes before this happened, I had to use the “Pause Game” feature of the PSP Go to do something, so at this point, I was able to just “Quit” the game from the PSP menu and then reload the “Pause” state from before. This made me lose just a minute or two, instead of an hour I would have lost if I hadn’t done this.

I Got to J Base

Finally, I got to J Base and started fighting enemies actually worth the time. As I left Luzet Mountains, I was able to visit Laine before entering the base, so I did just that, cleared all of the clutter from the inventory, bought some upgrades and bought an Axe for Justin, even though it was a slight downgrade.

I Worked on My Skills and Spells

This was well worth the investment, because I was getting half an Ax level per battle in J base, so the extra strength I got quickly made up for a slightly lower speed I got from the axe. Pretty soon, I learned a new Skill to, the Aura, though I didn’t get around to using it yet.

Grandia - Dorlin and Liete

Before J Base, I stopped by at Dorlin’s to see his reaction.

Feena also learned a new skill – the End of the World. She actually learned it back in Rainbow Mountains, but I didn’t have enough Level 3 mana to use it back then. Now I can and I can say it’s a great spell. It does around 1000 damage to all enemies.

Liete is still mostly useless, but thanks to all the Agility and Speed Up items I’ve been using on her, she acts more and more often in combat, so she started leveling her skills and spells for a bit.

Grandia - Final Team

No more mana eggs needed!

I realized each spell has a level of its own. I’m not sure what it affects, but I’m sure the casting speed is part of it, so I focused on using the lower level spells on all of my characters, to speed up their casting.

I Fought Baal Again

Finally, I got to Baal’s chambers and I was able to fight him again. This time, it was in his mutant for, so he was a lot tougher, but I also had my entire party with me, so it wasn’t much harder. I used Allhealer once with Feena, just in case, but I didn’t really need to in order to win.┬áThe amount of experience I got from the fight was astounding.

Grandia - Baal, Take 2

Baal went full on monster in the second battle, but he still wasn’t much of a challenge.

My victory didn’t matter, though. Gaia managed to grow and sprout, so the entire world was in danger now. You know what this means, right? Endgame!