Grandia [3] – Over the End of the World

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to play on my PSP too much, so Grandia was played very little since the last time I wrote about it. I did advance the game a bit, but not too much. However, I also got through a pretty big game event.

Most of my time in the game was spent going back and forth through the forest around the village of Luc. The forest was extremely disorienting and I never got the time to finish it in one sitting, so I kept forgetting where I was and where I needed to go when I got back to the game. Since enemies reset if you leave the area completely, and this happened several times, I ended up basically repeating most of the forest more than once. Eventually, though, I got through it and finally reached the End of the World.

Now, this is a huge wall, with many floors, but it wasn’t really to complex. There was a short break half way to the top, where the group had a nice talk, but eventually, they got to the top realized Justin’s guess was true – it wasn’t really the end of the world. There was plenty to see beyond. Then Sue promptly got picked up by a machine and got thrown off the edge to the jungle bellow. Justin and Feena got thrown soon after.

Grandia - The End of the World

Guess what happens five seconds later?

On the other side, I got control over Justin and Feena and needed to find Sue. The area was pretty big and divided into three or four smaller areas, so I spent a long time exploring, making sure to find all the important stuff. About half way through, I got to a house shaped like a wish, with some soup cooking in a cauldron outside. Sue’s shoe was nearby, so the two jumped to¬†conclusions. Once a large man approached and said “he ate it all”, Justin attacked. The big man was Gadwin, Knight of Dight and a brand new and extremely cool playable character. Of course, he just ate soup and didn’t do anything bad to Sue. She was resting inside his house. Now at this point, the game decided to show me how strong Gadwin really is, so Justin isn’t able to do any damage at all to him. I don’t even get a zero, the hit’s just seem to be deflected. This drags on for about a minute, at which point Gadwin uses his Dragon King Slice and Justin get’s hit for 9999 damage. This is sort of important for later, so if you’re regularly reading this, try to remember it.

Grandia - Gadwin

Remember, kids. Gadwin is really strong.

Soon enough, I had all four characters under my control and I could continue exploring the jungle, on my way to Dight Village. Exploring the place thoroughly was well worth it, since the jungle contained two fresh mana eggs, as well as some other less important items. Eventually, I got to the village, where our next quest was about to begin.

Rain was about to start pouring, which normally wouldn’t be an issue, except this was poisonous, deadly rain. In order to stop the rain from doing the damage, two heroes needed to go to Typhoon Tower and retrieve a special spear from it. Gadwin would, naturally, be the first one, so Justin volunteered to be the other one. This got us to our next dungeon, but before I went there, I decided to use those mana eggs. Gadwin already knew two elements – fire and earth. Additionally, his other two elements were disabled, so he wasn’t able to learn them. Because of this and the fact that I’m 99% sure I didn’t miss any of the mana eggs yet, I decided to finally spend one and teach Sue an element – wind.

After I bought the spell and spent most of my money on fresh gear, I went to the tower. The outside area was simple to navigate through, but also extremely large, so it took me a while to explore all of it. When I got inside, it was suddenly the other way around. The inside of the tower was small, but I had to constantly go back and forth, hitting various switches and opening new passages. Eventually, I got to the top floor, where I had to fight the king of the enemies I fought throughout the area – some strange bird people. Of course, he turned into a multi-headed dragon before I fought him, just to make it a bit more interesting.

Grandia - Typhoon

The tower falls, but everyone is safe.

I defeated the boss and entered the chamber behind the throne room, where Gadwin revealed the catch with the quest. There are two doors. One of them leads to the spear, while the other kills whoever goes through. This is why two heroes are needed – so that one can continue if the other one falls. Gadwin decided to go first, but he’s to big so he can’t fit through the door (remember, this is mostly a kid’s game). This means Justin needs to do it, so he asks Feena to choose for him. Feena picks the door of the Stars (I’m not sure if this is the same in every game) and Justin goes through. It’s the right choice, so he takes the spear, but the tower ends up collapsing on top of him anyway. Luckily, his spirit stone transports him to safety and the village is safe.

Grandia - Spell Store

To spend, or to save. Tough choice.

Next target? The ruins far to the south. Right now, I’m in the village of Dight, trying to decide if I should spend the two mana eggs I have (I got another one at the tower) on Sue, or If I should save them for later. I’m pretty sure Liete and some random thief character are my final two characters, and I’m pretty sure that Liete starts with all the elements already learned, but I’m not sure about the other guy, and I’m not sure how many eggs I can still get before the game ends. I’ll probably spend them, but I might change my mind before my next chance to play the game.