Heroes of Might and Magic - The Victory Screen

I’ll be honest. I’ve kind off been cheating lately, playing several different games but not really sticking through the end of any of them. Sure, The Darkest Dungeon is early access so I guess it’s OK I’m not going through that one all the way, but i started the Witcher 2 months ago and left it about half-way through. I also have a game of Crusader Kings II running, with a draft for a posting only half-written. This one, I really wanted to give an honest try, though. It’s Might and Magic, after all.

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I bought an iPega 9023. There’s plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to bluetooth gamepad attachments for mobile devices, but to my knowledge, this is the only one out there that is able to attach itself to an 8″ tablet or a tabled-sized (7″ or more) device in general. Since I haven’t been playing anything specific lately, I’d like to instead share my experience and  possibly provide some tips on how to use this device. If it matters, the tablet I’m using it on is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (SM-T315).Continue reading

Kingdom Rush : Frontiers - 01 Main Menu

A few months ago, I played through the campaign of the original Kingdom Rush on my tablet. It went by relatively quick, so instead of writing a single opinion post about it, I wanted to write a series of guides on how to get three stars on at least some of the levels. As apparent by the lack of such posts on this blog, that turned out to be a great idea.

Sarcasm aside, Kingdom Rush was a fun game, so I bought Kingdom Rush: Frontiers as well and played through it recently. I also got much further in the starts department, but I still don’t have a guide ready. What I do have is a bit of an overview of the game and I really want to write this down before I start with the third game in the series – Kingdom Rush: Origins.Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIII - Snow

Final Fantasy is one of the few defining game franchises for me as a gamer. As a kid, I didn’t look far past the usual platformers, fighting or racing games, but at one point after getting the PlayStation, I got talked into buying Final Fantasy VII. Since then, I’ve played through most of the series and enjoyed each and every game I tried. This is a single post instead of a series, but I have now completed Final Fantasy XIII as well. Did I enjoy it? Sort of, maybe, but I’m not really sure.Continue reading

Sproggiwood - New enemies

The purists might jump on the title like a pack of hyenas, so I’ll put a disclaimer right here and now – some might not consider Sproggiwood a roguelike. I do, but some might not. Most will consider it a fun game to play, though.I know I do, so I’ll do my usual “what is this game about” thing. I was going to do it earlier, before the game was released, but I couldn’t find the time, so let’s do it now that it’s out.Continue reading

Minutequest - The Castle

I really, really do hate myself. Minutequest is basically a non-game. It’s Progress Quest with rudimentary graphics and a slightly higher degree of interactivity. It’s everything I should avoid after playing World of Warcraft for so long, and yet, on the day I installed it on my phone, I accumulated about 4 hours of activity. I say “accumulated” because you don’t really spend all that time playing the game. The game is running, but it doesn’t really need you to do much.Continue reading

Summoners War - Fairy's Turn

If you read my postings, you’re probably thinking I have an issue with most mobile games and you’re right. I think most mobile games are horrible in the game department and even worse in let’s trick the humans into playing by using skinner box mechanics department. I’ve played World of Warcraft for a long time and it has made me observant of the typical mechanics that trick the player into thinking they’re having fun instead of actually being fun. The thing is, I see this and I hate this, but I still end up playing such a game for far too long. I’m pretty sure Summoners War is one such game. Still, as usual, I’ll give an overview of the game.Continue reading