Pokemon Yellow [4] – Late Game Stuff

In this session, I didn’t clear a lot of gyms, but I did manage to catch two legendary Pokemon.

After beating Sabrina, I went south to Fuchsia City and got the Super Rod along the way. Fuchsia City is the city containing the Safari Zone in the first generation games. Now, if you remember correctly Ash caught a total of 30 Tauros at the Safari Zone, but I only caught one for now. I might get more later, but Ash never used more than one in the anime as far as I remember, so I don’t see the point in catching more now. I’ll probably end up doing it in later games, when I meet them in the wild.

Pokemon Yellow - Ninja Gym

The Fuchsia Gym was relatively easy.

After getting some guy’s fake teeth and the HM03 – Surf at the Zone, I got out and went to clear the gym. The gym had a ninja theme and mostly contained bug and poison Pokemon. The gym gave me some trouble, but not too much. The guy who lost his teeth also gave me HM04 – Strength for my trouble.

Before leaving for the next gym, I went back north, but this time via the cycling road, to get some experience and probably the most important item in the game –  HM02 Fly. To those who aren’t familiar with the game, Fly allows you to go ti any city in the game instantly, as long as it was already visited in the past. Of course, to use it, you need to have a Pokemon who’s able to learn the move. Pidgeotto was extremely useful from now on.

Pokemon Yellow - Zapdos

Zapdos can be found at the Electrical Plant

With all of that out of the way, I went northeast, to the Electrical Plant, which is an optional dungeon reachable from Route 9 via Surf. The place mostly contained electrical Pokemon, the most important one being Zapdos, the legendary electrical bird of the first generation. Ash never caught one, but I decided to do it anyway. Thanks to Pikachu and some luck, I managed to do it with my fourth Ultra Ball.  I won’t be using it, though.

Pokemon Yellow - Krabby

I finally caught Krabby at the Seafoam Islands.

After the Electrical Plant, I went south of Fuchsia city to another optional dungeon – Seafoam Islands. This is where I finally caught my Krabby which I should’ve gotten way earlier in the game if the anime has anything to say about it.  The other Pokemon I caught here was Articuno, the legendary ice bird of the first generation. Again, Ash never caught one, but I wanted to have it in my collection. It took around ten Ultra Balls, but I got it, mostly thanks to the fact that Pikachu got it down to almost zero health with one hit.


Pokemon Yellow - Articuno

Articuno was another legendary I caught.

With all of this done, it was time to get to the next gym, at Cinnabar Island.