Pokemon Yellow [6] – The End

In my final two sessions of Pokemon Yellow, I beat the Elite Four and my rival and then spent a couple of hours wrapping things up.

Pokemon Yellow - Training Kingler

Training was very creative. I figured it was faster to get less experience directly than constantly switching in battle.

I made some “creative” choices with training. I got bored constantly switching Pokemon in and out at the Victory road, so instead, I did a couple of suicide runs against the Elite Four. Lorelai was easy to beat with Pikachu and Charizard easily destroyed Bruno’s team. I even managed to beat Agatha relatively consistently. It was only Lance that gave me trouble, really. At one point, Squirtle got strong enough to beat Bruno’s rock types, so I started training him a lot faster to.

Pokemon Yellow - Squirtle Saves the Day

Surprisingly, Squirtle took the victory.

Kingler and the rest of my team gave me trouble, though. I actually started wandering around the world, looking for trainer rematches to get some money and train the weaker Pokemon in my team. I had to grind for a long time to finally beat Lance with most of my team intact, but once I did,  Gary was easy in comparison. He did almost kill me, but that was only because I ran out of PP on Pikachu and almost ran out of PP on Charizard. In the end, Squirtle took the victory with critical health and none of my other Pokemon remaining conscious.

Pokemon Yellow - Team

The state of my team before the victory.

The game was technically beat, and the session was over, but I wasn’t done yet. Today, I loaded up the game again and went straight for the Unknown dungeon, to catch Mewtwo. The place was a maze with tough enemies, but Pikachu and Charizard made it easy for me to get to the bottom of it and reach Mewtwo. I decided not to beat my head against a wall and just used the Master Ball on it, so the fight was won instantly and Mewtwo was mine.


Pokemon Yellow - Mewtwo

Remember when Mewtwo used to be “the strongest Pokemon ever”?

Next up, thanks to some reminders on reddit, I went to route 4 and caught a Mankey. Technically, Ash encountered a Mankey in the early episodes, but only caught it after it evolved into Primeape, but I don’t think that’s an option in Yellow, at least not that early, so instead, I did what I did with Pidgey and just rush-trained it to level 28 instead.

Pokemon Yellow - Primeape

I kind off forgot about Primeape. Thanks, reddit!

After that, all I had to do was to catch 29 more Tauros. This took me a good hour of playing, even with generous use of the fast-forward feature, but eventually, even that was over. I wish I could prove it , but sadly, the Box interface of the first generation games is horrible and there’s no way for me to show how many I had. I’ll transfer them from game to game until I’m able to display them in the GBA games.

Pokemon Yellow - Tauros

No, I don’t want to give a nickname, for the 19th time!

Also, it was pointed out to me that I didn’t catch a Muk. I actually did, I just didn’t write about it. I caught one at the Electrical Plant but haven’t used it at all. If i remember correctly, Ash’s Muk evolves at one point, but I don’t think it’s in the first season, so there’s plenty of time for that.

In any case, I believe I did everything I could and needed to do in the first game.  I also did something extra – I got a Lapras. Ash saves one at the beginning of the Orange league season, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to catch one then, so instead, I got it now, for free, as a reward at some point in the story.