Pokemon Yellow [3] – I didn’t catch a Snorlax

In this session, I got through a really big chunk of Pokemon Yellow, clearing out three gyms and getting most of the mid-game stuff.

After going back to Pewter City to get the Old Amber, I passed through Lavender town on my way to Celadon City. There, I’ve spent a huge amount of money at the department store and an even larger amount of time at the game corner, with nothing to show for it. Seriously, I got lost in the gambling, spending far too much time to earn coins, before realizing I can’t get anything I’m actually interested in.

Pokemon Yellow - Game Corner

Even with the fast-forward feature, the Game Corner is a boring place.

Eventually, I got through the secret passage and cleared the Team Rocket area, fighting Jesse and James again. I also fought Gary somewhere along the way and cleared the local gym while I was there.

Pokemon Yellow - Gary

He does love to fight the player at inconvenient times.

I finally got back to Lavender Town, where I could finally get to the top of the tower and save Mr. Fuji, thanks to the Sylph Scope I got in the Team Rocket base. That’s where I got the Pokemon Flute, so I was finally able to wake up Snorlax (or Relaxo in German). Sadly, I forgot that Ash actually caught one, so I skipped on that part. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get one later.

Pokemon Yellow - Snorlax

Snorlax was called Relaxo in the German dub.

Finally, I went to Saffron City where I could now clear the Team Rocket HQ and finally beat Giovanni. I’m actually almost sure this is where I fought Gary. I know it was some time during this session and a douche like that would almost certainly attack me close to the boss room,when I’m at my weakest.

In any case, I beat Gary and I beat Giovanni.  The Sylph Company president gave me my Master Ball and  I was able to move on to clearing Erika’s Gym. That was pretty much the last thing I did in this session.

Pokemon Yellow - Erika

As usual, Pikachu was my life saver.

Oh, and Charmeleon evolved to Charizard. He still obeys me, though.