Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale – 2. Bad Dreams

So I got to the end of week three. Bad news, I had less than 10 000 pix and Recette was forced to live out the rest of her days in a cardboard box. The good news, it was all a dream. I am back to day 2 with all the money I had left, my store upgraded and all of my inventory intact. I guess I get to try again.

Recettear - A Nice View of the Town

The game can be very beautiful at times.

The greatest news is, even Louie kept his XP. While losing terribly, I also managed to get the next hero, a mage this time. He has a hard time believing that Recette is in fact the owner of the shop and prefers to address Tear.

Recettear - A Hero

This is another hero, though I can’t remember her name.

On my first go, before I lost, I managed to get to level 15 of the second dungeon and lost there against Charme. This time, though, Louie’s level was a bit higher and he had better gear so I beat her easily. The next level is actually a boss run so I got that out of the way to. In any case, I am in week three again, and things are looking much, much better, though I’m not actually sure I will make it this time either. The certain thing is, if I don’t make it, my inventory will be even bigger next time.