So, yesterday I decided to ditch the dungeons for a while and just try to make money. Week three was easy as pie and I actually had lots of inventory and items left for week four. I started to stock up on items when their prices drop and then wait to sell them when it rises. I also upgraded my shop because it seems that, the more expensive the furniture and the decorations are, the more money the customers have. I started buying and reselling more expensive items and pretty soon I got the 200.000 I needed for week four.

Recettear -

I know it’s probably a cultural difference, but characters like these make the game harder to play publicly.

After week four, I had about 100.000 and an even bigger inventory left. For a while, all the items were insanely cheap, but I decided to risk it and kept buying. I also bought a vending machine and started using it to sell food and other lower value items that I could buy an unlimited amount off. Since my merchant level was over 20, I was making lots of money even selling at base price. The deadline was getting close and I was at about 300.000 when the market exploded. Pretty much all the items I was buying at decreased prices suddenly greatly increased in price. I ended the week with over one million pix. Since all I needed to pay was 500.000, I had another half a million left.

Recettear - The Annoying Character

This one is part of the whole “annoying and mean, but in reality insecure” troppe.

As it turns out, this was the last week of payment so my store and house are now mine to keep. I stayed through the credits and the game told me I unlocked New Game+, which allows me to start a completely fresh game but with the items, shop and cash I had in a save slot I choose. I also unlocked survival mode in which the payments never stop and grow bigger and bigger every week. The last mode i unlocked is endless mode which allows me to continue the completed game with no pressure and no more payments.

In any case, the story is completed and I can now decide to continue and try to unlock more stuff, or I can go and play a different game. Whatever I choose, this game will probably stay on my hard drive for a long time. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes cute characters and fun mechanics.

So I got to the end of week three. Bad news, I had less than 10 000 pix and Recette was forced to live out the rest of her days in a cardboard box. The good news, it was all a dream. I am back to day 2 with all the money I had left, my store upgraded and all of my inventory intact. I guess I get to try again.

Recettear - A Nice View of the Town

The game can be very beautiful at times.

The greatest news is, even Louie kept his XP. While losing terribly, I also managed to get the next hero, a mage this time. He has a hard time believing that Recette is in fact the owner of the shop and prefers to address Tear.

Recettear - A Hero

This is another hero, though I can’t remember her name.

On my first go, before I lost, I managed to get to level 15 of the second dungeon and lost there against Charme. This time, though, Louie’s level was a bit higher and he had better gear so I beat her easily. The next level is actually a boss run so I got that out of the way to. In any case, I am in week three again, and things are looking much, much better, though I’m not actually sure I will make it this time either. The certain thing is, if I don’t make it, my inventory will be even bigger next time.

I got this game today, and I must say, I really, really like it. Basically, you run an item shop for RPG adventurers. You buy stuff low and sell high, all in order to pay of your dad’s debts. Every week, you have a certain amount you need to repay and the amount goes higher and higher. The game is extremely cute and has a happy atmosphere.

Recettear - Main Character

A cute kid is the trademark of any JRPG of the 2D kind, I guess.

Every day, you can also hire an adventurer to go to a dungeon and possibly get some new merchandise that way. The risk is high, as it takes allot of time, and if the adventurer dies, you only get to bring a single item back, but if you do well, it’s definitely worth it.

Recettear - First Payment

I pay my dues.

I started the first week with some spare change and used that to buy some swords at the Merchant’s guild. I sold all of those at a profit and then went to the Adventurer’s guild to see how that works. Lucky for me, a rookie adventurer named Louie was looking for work, so I got him for free. We entered the first dungeon and he died at level 3. Now, he doesn’t really die, but this meant that I only got a single item. I used the cash from that item to buy and resell some more stuff and then went to try again. This time, we managed to get to level 5 of the first dungeon and got the treasure, which was actually an adventuring license for Louie. As of now, he won’t be working for free anymore. After some more buying, adventuring and selling, I managed to get the 10 000 and then some that I needed for the first week and that was it.

For the second week, I needed to make 30 000. I started off with clearing the first ten levels of the next dungeon with Louie. I didn’t do it in one go, but I might as well have as it was pretty easy. This also means I defeated the Slime King and a giant mouse. While doing this, the prices of candy rose up, so I managed to make some money out of that category of drops. A day or two after my adventuring, the prices of heavy armor dropped to half, so I bought a bunch in preparation for the future. Pretty soon they rose back up and this is how I made enough money for week two. Before I did that, though, I managed to let Louie die in a dungeon again.

Recettear - Louie, The Swordsman

The first hero! He will die often.

Anyways, It’s week three now and I need to make 80 000 this time, I don’t know if I’ll make it, but I will do my best.

Capitalism, ho!