River King – Mystic Valley (DS), Part 3

I bought another basket. Now I have room for a total of 40 fishes. My second pet is now at its max level to. I have also advanced the story. I need to get some items for the tree spirit. One of them is a fish, and another is some cloth. I got both of those, but the old man has the third one, so I have to get him five Seema fishes or he won’t give it to me. Right now I got four, so I’m fishing for the fifth one. Of course, while doing all of this I also got a whole bunch of new cards. Anyway, time to go to sleep now.

EDIT: I got the last Seema, gave it to the old man, and then gave all of the items to the cat monster that stole the monster baby. The cat monster returned the baby, and now I have a new pet. When I came home, the old man was there and he gave me chum which lures fishes to the spot that I use it on. Right now, I’m trying to catch the fishes I missed from the earlier areas.