River King – Mystic Valley (DS), Part 1

I’ve started to play this game before the blog, but since I didn’t get far, I decided to restart, so that I could follow the story better. The plot is really simple for now. The protagonist’s sister can’t wake up, and the local science chick says it’s probably got something to do with the spirits and monsters in the forest around the village. Anyway, it’s a fishing game. You catch fish, use the points to get better rods and baits, and then catch bigger fish.

You can also have pets. I got my first one by feeding him fish. Now he’s growing as I feed him (evolving). He’s already pretty developed. He can heal me, and catch a fish instead of me sometimes. When I got him, it opened a new area where I talked to a tree. The tree said that to cure my sister, I need the scales of the River King, the biggest fish in the forest. So I guess now I know what my goal in the game is.

I know people mostly don’t like fishing games, but this isn’t a standard fishing simulation. There are RPG and Pokémon elements, and all in all, it’s pretty fun.