Rochard [3] – Completed!

As expected, I was done with Rochard today.

We got through the temple, realized it’s all somehow connected and got all we needed to get to and deal with Maximilian. He was at the casino and he managed to snatch Skylar during all this so I also had to rescue her. Once that was done, there was a final battle, and that was it.

What an amazingly fun game!

It just does things right. The mechanics are fun to play with, it doesn’t get dull or repetitive and it’s constantly expanding on what you can do with the toys you have. The story is shallow, but interested enough to keep your attention, the style is pleasant and everything just works well together.

Rochard Game Won


It took me close to six hours to complete the game and I’m nowhere near being done with achievements, sadly, but this will need to wait, since my backlog is still huge.The only slight downside is that you get the funnest toy right before the game ends. In the final area, you get to upgrade your gravity gun so it’s able to grab living enemies. Of course, there’s a good reason you get this late in the game, since it’s extremely powerful, but it’s just so fun I wish I ┬áhad more time with it.