Air Conflicts: Secret Wars [1] – My First Flight Game

I think an Indie Gala bundle is responsible for me owning this Air Conflict game. I’m not the type who would buy a game of this subgenre willingly, but I’m thinking the bundle either contained other games I was interested in, or it was simply too big and too cheap to pass up.

In any case, Air Conflict: Secret Wars is an arcade flying action game, whatever the official genre name is. I’m tagging it simply as “action” for the purposes of this blog, since it will probably be the only game of the subgenre I’ll ever play. The game isn’t bad, but it isn’t extremely good either. I probably won’t be clearing in in just a day or two, since it’s a bit longer and I’m not that extremely into it to invest to big a chunk of time in it.

Air Conflicts: Lens Flare

Lens-flare makes everything look so much nicer.

Based on how well you do on your missions, you get extra “stars” which unlock new planes. I’m not sure how I did relatively speaking, but I managed to unlock my first extra plane near the end of the first chapter. Other than that, there isn’t much to the game. You get objectives and you clear them – that’s about it.I played for an hour or so and managed to complete the first chapter of the campaign – Siege of Tobruk. There are seven chapters in total. The second is called Fall Blau and takes place in Azerbaijan, I think. The game, it seems, takes you through some notable WWII events, but from a fictional perspective of a young girl, the daughter of a legendary war pilot, with some piloting skills of her own.

As I said, I won’t be playing this one intensively, but I’m hoping to clear it within a week or two of short sessions. Right now, I’m trying to decide what other game to play in parallel.