I just realized i haven written anything about this game in a while. I have prepared a post but it somehow slipped my queue. There is no point in writing to much now, but I just wanted to say that I have actually completed the game, only a day or two after my last post. It was not hard at all and I even managed to defeat the green dragon, who was the toughest enemy in the game. My assassin was also max level so I had no real reason to continue playing that character. I actually even completed all the side quests, including all the extra spells I could learn.

My assassin is close to 40 now and I managed to clear the undead level. The next one was the Dark Dwarf laboratory and I already started some quests there. On my way, I managed to learn a bunch of new spells from various NPCs, but I don’t think I will be using any of them any time soon. My class spells are just to useful.
The monsters in this new level seem to have lower health than the undead so fights are going a bit faster. I think I also got the last monster killing side quests and now they want me to kill a green dragon. I tried a few times, but he has close to 1000 health so the closest I got him was about 200 before I died. He does give me about 6000 XP if I lose though, so I might try him a few more times just to get some levels.
Right now, I need to find and pull some switches in order to open a door to what I believe is the next level. I’m not really sure though, as I’m not paying much attention to the story in this one. In any case, I’ve found two leavers and I believe I have two left.

Sorry for not posting again for a while, but I wasn’t much of a gamer guy for the last few days what with the laptop problems and all. I bought a can of compressed air and cleaned my laptop as much as possible. Yesterday, I also finally got a cooling pad and now it seems I don’t have problems anymore. I should also probably replace the thermal paste on my CPU, but I don’t have the tools or the paste at the moment.
In any case, since I had to start the game again, I pretty much covered all of the areas I did in my last play trough, except I also killed all the Orc bosses this time and managed to get to the next level. This one is filled with undead and it seems they have a bit more health than the Orcs, so I guess it will take a bit longer to clear.
My assassin is level 27 and I already used respeced once to raise all my attributes to 10 and put the rest in Agility. I use two different poisons to do damage and it seems to be working rather well. All I need to do at start is to combine action gems two times and I can apply both of my poisons. After that, I get more actions gems for the next application and then get as much various mana gems as I can. When I have enough, I use Disarm and Blackjack to raise my strike multiplier, and then use one of my strikes, usually Stone or Swift, to do some additional damage. In most cases, the enemy is dead within one or two poison applications.
I’m planning to get an Ancient and a Glyphic or Hellforged Wyvern poison and make all of my other gear Demonic. That way I can do plenty of extra skull damage and have strong poisons at the same time. If everything goes according to plan, I should be completing this game soon.

I reinstalled Windows yesterday due to a problem. I was expecting the saves to be safe because they are usually located in the Documents folder which is on my second partition. They weren’t. For some reason, they are located in the Local AppData folder on the primary partition. This means i lost my saves and will have to start from scratch. Luckily, the game is still fun for me, so i might actually do that.

I continued exploring the orc level of the ruins and solved a bunch of side quests while doing it. I’ve found the Orc King, or at least i think it was a him; he turned out to be a shaman. After defeating him, he told me he is keeping a great evil trapped and that it has corrupted the other orc leaders, so now i have to defeat them. They are scattered around the map, so i have to find their rooms.

I also tried to kill the yeti on level 1 a bunch of times, but he proved to be extremely difficult. I think i will come back to him later.

After opening the locked door, I encountered one goblin bullying another one. I decided to help him and, in turn, he told me where the goblin king is. In order to get to him, though, I had to defeat a Gelatinous Cube. The king was quite easy to beat, so this means I explored the first level of the tower. He gave me a key to the next level and promised me he won’t attack the humans anymore.
I got to the next level and activated the teleporter. Then I decided to go back to town in order to upgrade my equipment, turn in some side quests and complete some additional ones. I also got a few side quests for the next few levels. This is where I stopped playing.

I managed to kill the Goblin Boss in the ruined keep and also eliminated the Rakshasa and the Polar Bear. The goblin left a necklace so I brought it back to town and also solved another side quest there. I’ve spent most of my money to upgrade my equipment so now I’m broke again. The necklace turned out to be a key so I had to go back to the keep to find a door that it unlocks. My next quest is to simply explore the tower.  

I installed this one tonight and played through some fights. It’s a bejeweled game with major RPG elements and a campaign story. It seems to have improved on some flaws of the first one. The fights seem to be less reliant on luck and the computer doesn’t get as many lucky streaks. I hope it doesn’t take me to long to complete it, because I have other games waiting for me.

I got this one as soon as it got released. I loved the first one on the DS, but I decided to try it on the PC this time. I like it, but I think the first one was better. They oversimplified the character advancement in my opinion. I do like the new board, but there’s less motivation for playing now. The thing I like the most is that luck is not such a major factor anymore. There where situations in the first game where I would lose the battle on the first turn because the computer got a couple of lucky board drops. Since you only receive free turns now if you destroy five blocks at a time, this happens less often.

Anyway, I got 4 crew members and a second ship, and got my character to level 17. I also hacked most of the gates in the universe, so I can reach most systems now.