Puzzle Quest 2 – 6. The Undead

Sorry for not posting again for a while, but I wasn’t much of a gamer guy for the last few days what with the laptop problems and all. I bought a can of compressed air and cleaned my laptop as much as possible. Yesterday, I also finally got a cooling pad and now it seems I don’t have problems anymore. I should also probably replace the thermal paste on my CPU, but I don’t have the tools or the paste at the moment.
In any case, since I had to start the game again, I pretty much covered all of the areas I did in my last play trough, except I also killed all the Orc bosses this time and managed to get to the next level. This one is filled with undead and it seems they have a bit more health than the Orcs, so I guess it will take a bit longer to clear.
My assassin is level 27 and I already used respeced once to raise all my attributes to 10 and put the rest in Agility. I use two different poisons to do damage and it seems to be working rather well. All I need to do at start is to combine action gems two times and I can apply both of my poisons. After that, I get more actions gems for the next application and then get as much various mana gems as I can. When I have enough, I use Disarm and Blackjack to raise my strike multiplier, and then use one of my strikes, usually Stone or Swift, to do some additional damage. In most cases, the enemy is dead within one or two poison applications.
I’m planning to get an Ancient and a Glyphic or Hellforged Wyvern poison and make all of my other gear Demonic. That way I can do plenty of extra skull damage and have strong poisons at the same time. If everything goes according to plan, I should be completing this game soon.