Puzzle Quest 2 – 7. Dark Dwarf Laboratory

My assassin is close to 40 now and I managed to clear the undead level. The next one was the Dark Dwarf laboratory and I already started some quests there. On my way, I managed to learn a bunch of new spells from various NPCs, but I don’t think I will be using any of them any time soon. My class spells are just to useful.
The monsters in this new level seem to have lower health than the undead so fights are going a bit faster. I think I also got the last monster killing side quests and now they want me to kill a green dragon. I tried a few times, but he has close to 1000 health so the closest I got him was about 200 before I died. He does give me about 6000 XP if I lose though, so I might try him a few more times just to get some levels.
Right now, I need to find and pull some switches in order to open a door to what I believe is the next level. I’m not really sure though, as I’m not paying much attention to the story in this one. In any case, I’ve found two leavers and I believe I have two left.