Tomba! [10] – All Evil Pigs Defeated!

Progress was huge in Tomba this time. For a moment, I actually thought I would complete the game soon. Alas, it wasn’t as soon as I thought, but still, that’s a lot of progress! As I said it will, it all started with me searching for some more chests and then visiting the mole people.

Treasure Hunting

First things first, that pirate captain didn’t find What the Thief Lost very interesting. I tried using the item next to him, but I got nothing. It’s only later on that I found the thief that lost What the Thief Lost in the Lava Caves. I got the event out of him, but not much else.

Bat as I said, that only happened later. First, I got a bunch of Lunch Boxes, a few Charity Wings, some AP and several extra lives out of all the treasures I got. Eventually, I also got the Flash Pants (sounds weird, I know) in the Masakari Jungle, and the Navy Evil Pig Bag at the Old Tree Hill.

Back to the Underground Maze

I eventually ran out of ideas and out of chests, so I finally went back to the Underground Maze, since I now had the Thief’s Wire. I used it on a door and the door opened, but the wire broke. Still, this opened up a huge area with lots of chests, so I got even more lives, Lunch Baskets and Charity Wings. I also got some other stuff:

  • A Kokka Claw
  • A Biting Plant Flower
  • 4 Pieces of Cheese
  • A shortcut to the Village of All Beginnings – I ended up getting out through a door under the hill near the thorny area. I always wondered if there was a door there.

I also got the location of the last four evil pigs, though I already got the orange one, which was in the deep jungle. How did I get those? I met the Blue Fortune Teller. He gave me a Vitality Up and hints to the whereabouts of the four pigs.

  • Blue was past the beachside door. I remembered a door at the beach, but it was closed and as far as I can remember, I couldn’t get in. I could now, though.
  • Yellow is the guard of time. Since I’m smart (!), I immediately knew it was the clock tower at the Village of Civilization
  • Orange is in the Deep Jungle. This one was clear, but it also wasn’t very important, since I already got that piggy.
  • The remaining blue is here, in the Maze, but I should find the One Million Year Old Man first. I didn’t quite get this one, but it became clear when I found the Old Guy.

While I was there, I also stumbled into a strange door, with seven platforms in front of it and petrified pigs occupying four of them. Gee, I wander what that means…

Tomba! - Blue Fortune Teller

The blue fortune teller was extremely helpful.

I picked up all I could so first, I went to Baccus Village, to deliver the Cheeses. I got a Golden Apple for this, meaning I now had two Golden Artefacts – the Apple and the Butterfly. After that, I went Evil Pig hunting.

The Yellow Evil Pig AKA the Water Evil Pig

The Yellow Evil Pig was easy, but I was being silly, so I managed to waste a life as well as a regular sized Lunch Basket. The thing is, the fight was underwater, and I didn’t realize I could use the jump button to spin and catch the pig that way, so I took a lot of damage for no reason. Once I figured it out, it was relatively easy to get the Evil Yellow Pig into the bag. I just had to dodge it for long enough to get the right chance.

Tomba! - The Yellow Pig

The Yellow Pig, or the Water Pig was easy, once I realized I can attack him.

The Yellow Pig cleared the curse from the Trick Village, lowering the water levels significantly. Honestly, the place was easier to navigate with the water levels high. Now, the thorny trees and the spinning platforms made things a whole lot harder. I checked the place out, hoping to find something, but I got nothing.

The Blue Evil Pig AKA the Deep Jungle Evil Pig

Honestly, the Blue Evil Pig felt even easier.  The arena was relatively safe on its own. The issue were the stink clouds the pig was creating, but as soon as I got to the top row of the platforms, I had no issues dodging them anymore. In less than a minute or two, I got lucky and I manage to land the perfect shot.

Tomba! - The Blue Pig

The Blue Pig was even easier than the Yellow Pig.

Back to the Underground Maze, Again

I was lost again, so I decided to check the Underground Maze one more time, hoping I missed something. I did! I had to talk to one of the mole people twice to trigger an event. He said his friend was at the haunted mansion and he had some unbreakable wire, which I could use to open up the other doors in the Underground Maze.

I found the little guy in the fountain room at the mansion. He gave up the wire after some persuading (as in, it happened automatically after some talking) and I went back to the maze, one more time.

Tomba! - Unbreakable Wire

This guy wasn’t here before I got the event.

I opened up all the other doors and gathered a bunch of treasure. I also realized one of the mole people dug out his tunnel, which opened up one more door, unlocked an event and gave me the final part of the Magic Candy recipe – the Butamushi Thorn.

One Million Year Old Man

I also found the One Million Year Old Man’s Place. He explained the story of the Evil Pigs Further and gave me his key, so I could also open the yellow chests now. Now, the hint of the fortune teller about the last Evil Pig was clear – the door was right next to the old man. I jumped in and fought this one as well.

Tomba! - One Million Year Old Man

They go up to one million, but I wander where the 100 000 Year Old Man ended up.

The Navy Blue Evil Pig, AKA the Forest Evil Pig

I honestly can’t remember what the Forest Evil Pig’s attack was. I don’t think it even managed to use it. I threw it in the bag within a few seconds

Defeating The Navy Blue Evil Pig finally removed the curse from the Dwarf Village, the Charity Square, the 100 Flower Forest and the Watch Tower. Everything looked beautiful now, so I made sure to go and check it out but again, I didn’t get any fresh loot.

Tomba! - The Forest Curse Removed

The best removal sequence was saved fro last. The forest looks beautiful now.

With this out of the way, Tomba and the One Million Year Old man appeared next to the Pig Door at the Underground Maze. All seven pigs stood petrified on the platforms and the door opened. Then they all came to life, a new Evil Pig Bag appeared and the door closed again. The pigs floated away. The One Million Year Old Man told me I need seven friends to stand on the platforms and open the door, so I can use the new Evil Pig Bag do defeat his new, Real Evil Pig.

Tomba! - Plot Twist

Plot Twist! It isn’t over yet!

That didn’t matter, though. I had the last key, so it was time for one final spree of treasure hunting.

Treasure Hunting, Take Two

Well, technically, it was treasure hunting, friend searching and event clearing all at the same time. I started out from the Village of All Beginnings. I can’t really remember everything, but here’s some of the things I did and found.

Tomba! - Let's Make Candy!

I got all the ingredients after I took care of all the pigs.

  • I went to the witch to cook the Magic Candy. It turned out to be the Golden Candy, so I now had one more golden artefact. That means four out of five.
  • I found the Jewel of Wind next to the Phoenix at Phoenix Mountain. This one allows me to basically double jump and glide for quite a distance if I use it while in the air. I didn’t try to get hit, but it might be that it also damages enemies while active.
  • I tried to figure out the riddle of the Mushroom Forest, but with no luck.
  • I found the Thief at the Lava Caves and gave him what he lost. I then went to the pirate, since the two were obviously connected, but nothing happened.
  • I gathered a heap load of lives, adventure points, Charity Wings and Lunch Baskets (I keep forgetting if it’s baskets or boxes).
  • I gave the guy at the Hidden Village a Lunch Basket. This solved the event, but I can’t remember what I got for it.
  • I realized I only had three of the five golden artefacts. It turns out that the Golden Bowl I got from Yan wasn’t one of them. That one simply increased my max health, or made the Vitality Up items work past 9, so I’m at 13 now.
  • I got all the Pump Rocks at some point. The three told me to ask him for advice in the future, but I didn’t get anything tangible.
  • A guy at the Lumberjack Factory wanted a bucket of wine to fuel his GoGoCar, so I went to Baccus Village to get it. I got a Fuel Bar out of it and I kept some of the Wine.
  • I got an Iron Boomerang at the Phoenix Mountain, from one of the Yellow Chests. It’s the Tomba’s ultimate weapon, I guess. You can actually fire it rapidly.

Friend Search

I pretty much stumbled into five of Tomba’s seven friends. Here they are:

Tomba! - Friend

The friends are extra NPCs who appear for this purpose.

  • One is in the Dwarf Village, the main area.
  • Three are at the Village Civilization (1 at the Y Crossing, 1 at the Lumberjack Factory, 1 in the Iron Castle.
  • One is in Baccus Village, the main area, to the lower right.

GoGoCar Racing

I remembered there was a GoGoCar like the one from the Lumberjack Factory in a small garage next to the house where the witch lives, so I went there and used the fuel. I was able to enter a race against time this way. On my first try, I didn’t win anything, but I went back and managed to get the bronze medal on my second try. This got me an event and a Vitality Up.

Tomba! - Racing

The GoGoCar racing feels confusing.

I’m about three seconds away from winning the gold. The race controls a bit weirdly. You can switch lanes every now and then and you can sort of jump, but it’s pretty unresponsive. Still, it is possible to win the gold, so that’s what I’ll be trying to do next time.