Tomba! [11] – The Real Evil Pig, The Flower Tower and the GoGoCar

As promised, I spent a lot of time racing with the GoGoCar since last time. It took me a while, but I managed to master the race and get the gold, so I have some tips compiled and ready.

GoGoCar Racing Tips

  • First of all, if you have plenty of Vitality and Lives, instead of finishing and using Baron to go back, just let the fuel run out. It’s faster that way, but you lose vitality every time.
  • Stay in the front lane, it’s doable and it makes things simpler.
  • Don’t jump until you get to the water. Trust me, it works. Just hold right from the start and don’t touch the X button until you get to the water.
  • Once you reach the water, jump while on the first wooden platform. Just drive over the first pig in the water area and then jump over the last two pigs and you should be there in time.
Tomba! - GoGoCar

I’ve been on this hill a lot of times.

I did it in 24:81, so it was tight, but the above method works. Once I mastered it, I was able to do it relatively easily. My reward was the Gold Medal, which was one of the five golden artefacts.

Tomba! - Gold Record

I don’t care how close it is, it counts.

More Treasure and Event Hunting

After clearing the GoGoCar events, which took me well over an hour, I went on to do some more exploring, mostly to wrap things up. There’s one thing that was bugging me since I first got to the Mushroom Forest. I had to defeat some sort of monster there, but I had no idea what it was.

Then I got to the Village of Civilization and the guy there started telling me about flower tears, a flower that didn’t blossom, Rise and Shine powder and the yellow “Batsuge” or something. It was getting more and more confusing as the game progressed.

Now that the seven evil pigs were gone, I went to try my luck with these events again. I first picked up the Rise and Shine Powder from the background lane of the area. Then I went and explored the front area, where I found the yellow flower on the left side. I used the powder on it and it blossomed and started crying, but now I was really confused. It wouldn’t speak to me or give me the bottle. Nothing I tried to do worked, actually. I even tried eating various combinations of mushrooms throughout the area, thinking it was that sort of puzzle, but nothing.


Then I went to the background and tried fighting the jellyfish which, now that the curse was gone, changed from purple to green. I couldn’t really do anything about them, but I noticed they get stunned if I throw them at each other. I tried doing this a couple of times and, after the third time I did it, I finally got the event about defeating the monster. Even better, a Tear Bottle dropped, so I guess these guys were the “Batsuge”, not the yellow flower.

Tomba! - Yellow Flower

The source of my confusion for this write up.

I went back to the flower and got the tears, certain that I needed to use them on the crying guy in Baccus village, but again, I was wrong. Luckily, I decided to speak to everyone, so I soon found a guy in one of the houses who thanked me for getting rid of the monsters. This got me my next event – I need to destroy five death fruits with the weed killer he gave me.

I was pretty sure the death fruit were those little pumpkin head things in the front of the Mushroom Forest, but I tried using the Weed Whacker on them with no effect. Then I tried jumping on them and that seemed to do the trick. Taking care of all 5 of them got me my reward from the guy at the Baccus Village – some Charity Wings (useless) and a Vitality Max +1 (pretty cool). He also told me what the favorite food of the Phoenix was. I guess I was supposed to do this event ages ago.

I also got one more friend – the one at the haunted mansion, in the room with lots of swings, but I didn’t get any further with the pirate captain and his treasure. Then I got an idea – maybe I should go back to the Lava Caves?

I was right! Once I got there, I found the same bag, without the thief I gave it to and triggered What the Thief Forgot.  I was eager to bring it back to the pirate captain, but again, nothing.

Real Evil Pig

I went to the Pig Door, to see if the Million Year Old Man had anything to say. He didn’t, but since I had six friends there, Baron jumped out and turned out to be the seventh friend. The problem is, the door opened and Tomba entered it automatically, so I was forced to fight the pig. In all honesty, it was easy. I didn’t have to use any healing items or anything. After some dodging, I jumped on the pig at the right time and just threw it in the bag. That was it! There was some sort of animated ending sequence with horrible song and horrible music and the game ended.

Tomba! - Seven Friends

Oops! I Accidentally completed the game, guys.

Final Score

  • AP: 2136200
  • Play Time: 9:24
  • Events Found: 119
  • Events Cleared: 112

I got my stats and two hints:

  • When the Charity Fountain Revives, The Flower Tower Will Rise
  • Plant Flowers at the Dwarven Village or something.

I didn’t get all the events, so I reloaded. I was back right before whacking the Death Fruits. I redid all the events I knew how to do and then decided to go explore the Watch Tower, because I thought there might be a leftover chest there. There wasn’t, but I found some flower seeds where I’m pretty sure a chest used to be. I knew that dwarven kid wanted some, so I brought them to him. That is, I wanted to, but the kid wasn’t there. Then I remembered what the tears I got were for – THE CHARITY FOUNTAIN!

The Flower Tower

I used them and the Flower Tower grew, just like the hint said. In hindsight, it was probably the hint that made me think about the fountain. I entered the tower, got to the top and collected the Sacred Fish – that was it. I was hoping it was a bonus area, but not really. I’m not sure what the sacred fish does. I can equip it, but the description is confusing:

Tomba! - Flower Tower

I was hoping for a new area, but it was basically a single room.

A special fish from ancient times. Eating it might give you extraordinary powers.

I was messing about for a bit, trying to figure out anything else about the tower when I got another epiphany. I was using ordinary mushrooms to heal crying or laughing, but it was the healing mushroom that does this to. Maybe it would work on the guy in Baccus Village.

It did! He now wanted me to find a baby pig.

I started from the Village of All Beginnings, going through all the places where pigs could be found. Soon, I got to the Dwarf Village, where something was bugging me, so I checked the chief’s area. The kid who wanted flower seeds was there. I got the event, but other than that, again, nothing happened.

Tomba! - The Old Men of Time

So they CAN be in the same room at the same time.

After that, I started spending a lot of time just wandering, using things at random.


  • I finally used the Raft at the Old Tree Hill. There was a small, barely visible peer in the foreground that I had to jump on first.
Tomba! - Where to Use the Raft

I hate missing things like this one.

  • I keep forgetting behind which door the pirate captain is. It’s weird, because it’s probably my most visited NPC. That’s why I’m taking a note – he’s behind the door right next to the laughing door.
  • You know that Red + Blue event? It turns out, there’s no red powder. I used the blue powder on one of the flowers in the Mushroom Forest and it turned blue. Then I threw it at another flower and a mushroom appeared. Eating it turned Tomba gray.
  • The rock at the Watch Tower? I could push it. I’m not sure if this is new, or if I could do it from the start, but I pushed it and I got the Dirty Mirror Mizuno lost for it.
  • Thus, I solved What the Witch Lost… I went out and back in to solve another one – A Magic Mirror? Furthermore, she used the mirror to combine my Grapple and my Blackjack into a Grapplejack, giving me a Grapple that does damage and unlocking one more event – Power Up for Tools!?
  • I went out and back in one more time to unlock Take Two of These – the witch was sick and needed medicine. I had some cold medicine on me, so I solved that one immediately. I got a Vitality Max +1, which got me to 16, which I think is the maximum.
  • Further leaving and reentering didn’t trigger any more events L
  • The thief who forgot the bag was hiding in the Haunted Mansion chimney. I got 2 pieces of cheese for helping.
  • This time, the captain let me use his chest, which cleared The Boss’ Treasure event and got me the Boss’ Jewel.
  • Back at the Dwarf Village, the plant garden grew – Plant a Garden DONE!
  • I got the Gold Flower from the garden.
  • I got the baby pig with pure luck – by jumping on a farting plant in the Village of All Beginnings while an adult pig was underneath – Peach Flower Gas unlocked. Getting it to Baccus Village cleared the event. I got the Kokka Claw, which I don’t need any more.
  • I destroyed the spiked barrel in Wobbly Wharf with the Grapplejack. I got an apple and an AP jewel, but nothing else.
  • I accidentally gave the five golden items to the 10 000 Year Old man, got the event for it, as well as a Psychic Fish.
  • Went to the Old Tree Hill and finally, I got to talk to the Tree properly. The items did the trick, or more precisely, getting the quest to get the five items did the trick. It seems this is one more thing I did out of order.

Game Breaking!

After all of the above, I was stuck. I was searching everywhere and even Googled to find out how many events there are in Tomba! The answer is that there’s one 130 events.

Tomba! - Gray Tomba

Just to prove I’ve beaten him twice – Gray Tomba!

I was at 128 and I was missing two. I searched some more, but with no luck. I decided to suck in my pride and find a walkthrough. I was missing

  • Take Out – Bring Yan his Lunch Box. I definitely acquired this event in the past, but it was gone from my list for some reason. I also didn’t have the item in my inventory. I tried using a large lunch box next to Yan in his village, but it wouldn’t work.
  • Where the Barrel Rolls – Knock off the spikes off the barrel in Wobbly Wharf. But I destroyed the barrel and it was gone, for good it looked like!

Just to make sure, I did some more research, but it looks like these events, as well as one more can be missed if you don’t clear them as soon as you can.

Tomba! - Charles

I was sure Charles would be one of the friends.

I proclaimed defeat and used Baron to get to the Real Evil Pig again. It took me a bit longer to defeat it this time, mostly due to bad luck with the bag, but I didn’t have to use any healing this time either. I did have to unequip my Psychic Fish, though. It was making me too fast.

Final Score

  • AP: 2313800
  • Play Time: 10:12
  • Events Found: 128
  • Events Cleared: 128

Oh well, at least I got all the events cleared this time, other than the two I couldn’t even acquire anymore. Why only 10 hours and 12 minutes? Mostly due to reloading for various reasons. You can finish Tomba! extremely fast once you know where to go. The true length was probably closer to 13 or 14 hours.

Tomba! - The End

All done!

Now what should I play next? I had an itch of Jade Cocoon for a long time…