Tomba! [3] – Tying up Things

Only a week passed since I last played Tomba! this time, so I wasn’t as lost as I was in my previous posting. Since I was only able to play for about half an hour, I took the time to tie up some loose ends.

All of this happened on May 21st of 2013.

I rescued the 1000 Year Old Man

I had a fresh view on the thing, so I managed to find the door with the Small Lock quickly and I unlocked it with the Small Key. Inside was the egg I needed to destroy to free the 1000 Year Old Man. The thing is, I didn’t immediately remember I needed to just destroy the egg, so I kept looking around for a while longer, thinking I’m missing something.

Tomba! - 1000 Year Old Man

I think there are a few more Old Men in this game. Not sure how many.

Stone Boomerang, Get!

Eventually, I entered the room with the 1000 Year Old Man and realized he was free. He gave me the 1000 Year Old Key, so I was now able to open the blue locked chests. In one of these chests nearby, I found the Stone Boomerang, so I equipped it immediately. I’m not exactly sure what sort of an upgrade it really is, but it feels like the boomerang flies faster now.

Opening Blue Chests

I decided to go back to previous areas and look for more blue chests, hoping to find some extra stuff. I ended up finding a lot of useful things, such as the 1000 Year Old Bell and the Mysterious Mushroom in the Mushroom Forest, a Vitality Up from somewhere I can’t remember, but also some random items like the Charity Wings or Lunch Boxes.

Tomba! - Where'd the Lights Go?

Someone took them with a torch, which I got moments later.

I went all the way back to the Forest of All Beginnings and realized I missed an Event there. There was a guy called Yan hiding in a house there. After I found him, he ran away and asked me to find him again in other places. After that, I also managed to stumble into him on the Charity Square, but I didn’t find him anywhere else yet.

Tomba! - Can't Stop Crying

I should try the laughing (or the crying?) mushroom with this guy.

I then went back to the Mushroom Forest, got all the way to the left side of it and found the guy who asked me to learn how to swim and threw me in the lake at the beginning of the game. This time, he offered me a one way boat ride which I accepted. I got to some sort of dock with some stairs leading up to a mansion. Inside was a blue chest as well as two more chests I couldn’t unlock, but it did give me another event. Once I got out of the mansion, I realized it was the mansion from the start of the game.

Tomba! - The Great Escape

Not so great. The thief turned out to still be in jail.

This is pretty much where I had to stop playing.

I’m losing Lives

The Haunted Mansion and the Mushroom areas are too dangerous for me. I keep falling into chasms, so I loose lives. I’m not sure what happens if I lose all of them, but I’m sort of starting to get worried. I’m down to 7 or 8, which seems like a lot, but it really isn’t, considering I started the session with 14 or 15. The vitality upgrade I got doesn’t help much either, since I mostly lose a life due to falling into a pit.

Tomba! - A Familiar Mansion

I pretty much know where I was as soon as I saw it.

I’m also not exactly sure what some of the items I’m getting are for. The Stone Boomerang, for instance, is probably an upgrade to the Wooden Boomerang I had, but I’m not sure what type of upgrade it is. I’m also not sure how either of those compare to the Flail I started the game with. The Jewel of Fire is great, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to explicitly use it somewhere other than that one hay stack in one of the rooms of the Haunted Mansion.

Tomba! - Mansion Treasure

I should take a mental note about the two remaining chests.