Tomba! [4] – Phoenix Mountain, Herbs and Leaf Butterflies

I only had another 30 minutes to play Tomba! but I managed to squeeze quite a few things into those, primarily because I seem to be more focused when I’m in a hurry.

All of this happened on a train ride on May 24th, 2013.

Leaf Butterflies in the 100 Year Old Forest

My first plan was to spend these 30 minutes chasing leaf butterflies in the 100 Year Old Forest. I ended up catching five or so before they just stopped appearing for some reason. I delivered the few I had to the Charity Square, bringing my total up to 26, but it wasn’t enough.

Tomba! - Leaf Butterfly Cage

26 isn’t enough then.

The Phoenix Mountain

After that, I started wandering round aimlessly, before I finally tried my luck with the Phoenix Mountain again. Why? Because I picked up a Parasol somewhere. I thought it was just a key item, but it turns out equipping it allows me to glide and jump further. For some reason, I thought this would be helpful with the wind at Phoenix Mountain.

Tomba! - The Famous Digger

I haven’t heard of him, so he can’t be that famous.

Yan and the Healing Herbs for Baron

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead of helping, I just ended up being thrown around by the wind even more. Still, I was there, so I decided to explore for a bit. I found a laughing door, so I wasted a life or two trying to get to it “under the influence” of the laughing mushroom. Yan was inside, so I advanced the “Hide and Go Seek” event further. I found him three times now, so I’m hoping one more should do the trick.

Tomba! - Phoenix Mountain Laughing Door

I wasted two lives getting to this door.

I also found the healing herbs for the puppy in the Dwarf Village.

Tomba! - Inventory

I’m not sure where I got the pants, but I do know where Charles is.

The Lava Caves

That was it! I lost a few more lives and it’s getting really scary now, but I also got ahead quite a bit. Once I went through the mountain, I finally got to the Lava Caves, where the 1000 Old Man told me I needed to go to next. The problem is, I can’t get through the flames, so I seem to be stuck. I got a new weapon the name of which I forgot, but that’s about it.

Tomba! - Lava Caves

I got the pig bag from a chest here, but I’m not sure how to continue.