Majesty 2, Part 2

I must admit, I’m stuck. Most of the levels I completed with no trouble and now I have five of them left. The only one I can access is The Eternal Love where there’s a Skeletal King Boss.  I tried slowly building up my army and it does work, but after a while the boss just waltzes in my town and destroys everything. Enemies attack from all sides, so I really don’t have time to build up my economy properly and train my heroes to a high enough level. I’m guessing I need to rush some areas, but I’m surrounded by temple grounds guarded by elementals, so I need to pay close attention to my heroes to keep them from dying. Anyway, I’m to tired for another try now, so I will continue again tomorrow if I get the time.

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  • Anonymous

    Same here, The patchj helped, added 3000 more gold to start. I know he wont attack you till about 80 days in, and it seems he just plows thru your heroes no matter what, i’ve been trying to get differnt combos up but 80 days is not alot of time. Its the 1st Expert listed level on the campaign, guess we’re no experts.