Air Conflicts: Secret Wars [6] – The Balkans? [Completed!]

Well, not really the Balkans. The first two battles involved liberating the Balkans, thus the name of the chapter. The rest of it, though, took place in Berlin. With Tommy dying in the last chapter, DeeDee was forced to go back to the British general she hated so much – McIntyre.

Berlin, though ruined, was not as grim as the previous chapter, probably because suddenly, there was a feeling of victory. Most of the missions were straightforward, with basically just destroying enemies as fast as possible or before time runs out. One of the missions involved captain Edwards, the young intelligence officer DeeDee met during the Neretva missions.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, Egypt Flashback

The last flashback mission took place in Egypt.

With this knowledge, I’ve completed the final mission and was then provided with a choice. McIntyre was under attack by a couple of Nazi fighters. I could run away, kill him or destroy the two fighters. I decided to help him, because I really can’t see any other option as the morally right one.The flashback gave us the big reveal – the allies considered using chemical warfare during world war one. Even worse, they would use it against civilians. During one such mission, DeeDee’s father decided he would not allow it and attacked his own squadron to try and stop them. Because of this, McIntyre shot him down.

With this, the game was completed.