Air Conflicts: Secret Wars [5] – Slovakia

Slovakia was a dark chapter of this game. After one of DeeDee’s friends died in France, Tommy, who was basically her caretaker started to drink again. Of course, you couldn’t tell this bothers DeeDee based on her voice. I’m sorry if I’m insulting anyone, but at this point, I seriously think the main character would be better if she didn’t have any audio, just subtitles. At least then, you could imagine the appropriate tone and emotions.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Ground Screenshot

AIr-to-ground missions might actually be more common than dog fights. I haven’t really counted, though.

In any case, Slovakia wasn’t too difficult, but I did get a few levels that were harder to deal with. It was quite long to, so it took me close to two hours to complete it. I’ve also unlocked my first jet fighter in this chapter, which instantly became my favorite plane in the game. It’s extremely fast and extremely agile, so you can use it to basically run circles around any other plane in the game.

Now it’s time to go back to the Balkans, and to the final chapter.