Avernum VI – 3. To Someone Avernum Relies On

I’ve fully explored the Western Reaches and then went to the Eastern Gallery. On the way through Almaria I solved a few side quests and met a trainer that trains Gymnastics, Melee weapons and some other useful stuff. I think I will use his services a lot.

When I got to the portal, I realized I was assigned to serve under my old commander from the Castle Food Depot. I was supposed to handle the flow of refugees through the portal. It didn’t go well. After letting two refuges through, one of the crystal pylons that held the portal together cracked and demons invaded through it. I was forced to escape and watch my commander die.

I went back to report to the caster and got reassigned to my previous commander who sent me on three different missions in the Eastern Gallery and the Great Cave. I was to solve a hostage crisis in Almaria, help with a situation at the Tower Colony and help with an ogre problem in a new fort inside the Western Reaches. After doing all of these, I got myself promoted and was to serve under a higher ranking officer. He sent me to meet with an envoy of a dragon in the Abyss.

Before doing all of this, I decided to explore the Eastern Gallery some more. I did some quests in Mertis, at the Undead Spiral and explore most of the Honeycomb. Then I went back to the Great Cave and did some of the quests I was too weak for before, including one of the quests for Gladwell and the quest with the Blessed Athame. Gladwell sent me to do another quest, but I don’t think I will. He wants me to break one of the seals that keep the Undead Spiral in check.

Right now, I’m in Fort Safron, getting ready to go to the Abyss. Hopefully, it won’t be too hard.