Avernum: Escape From the Pit [12] – Black Spire and Hawthorne

I entered the Black Spire fortress and started with the procedure. I used the Royal Seal on the north wall, which removed the trap on the switches, but also summoned a bunch of demons. After the fight, I turned the wheel and the way through the first tower was open. At the second tower, I had the option the remove the barriers using the ritual Koth taught me, but I decided to fight instead. It was a tough battle against two very powerful eye beasts, but I managed to defeat them. The second tower was clear as well.

Avernum - Black Spire

The entrance to Black Spire. This is where the final mission begins.

I continued through the passages, fighting several hosts of demons along the way and avoiding various traps. Eventually, I’ve reached the augmenter and summoned Erika. She used the brooches I collected and activated the portal. I stepped through it and I was at the Royal spire, with alarms activating all around me.

I fought my way through the halls, climbing up the spire towards the royal chambers. After every step, there were more and more royal guards running after me. Eventually, I got to the chambers of the royal wizard. I fought him and his lackeys, but once he realised I could kill him, he stepped aside, agreeing it might really be time for the crazed king to die. I rushed on to the royal throne room and found the king there, behind an unbreakable shield and guarded by several sentinels. No matter how hard I would hit him the shield would block my every attack, so I started focusing on the sentinels instead. This was also in vain, as every time a sentinel would almost be destroyed, Hawthorne would use his shield to restore it completely. However, each time he would do this, his shield would noticeably weaken.

Avadon - Ending

The End!

After several rounds of this, Hawthorne’s shield completely dissipated and my archer shot a single arrow at him. It was enough to kill him outright. His sentinels shattered instantly upon his death and his guards started running away in a panic. The portal in his room changed colour and I decided to try my luck and enter it. I made the right choice, as it brought me back to the augmenter, with Erika waiting for me. My mission was finally over.