Borderlands, Part 1

After completing Modern Warfare, I decided to install this gem. Basically, it’s an FPS Diablo game with lots of great humor and beautiful cartoonish graphics. You run around doing missions, getting new weapons and running people over with your vehicle. During all that, you gather experience, find new weapons and train your skills.

The plot looks simple for now. There’s this planet that supposedly holds a legendary vault full of treasure and artifacts. No one is sure of it, but people flock to the planet to find it. It’s different for you though. You have this girl in your head that knows the vault is real and is guiding you to it.

Anyway, I did some tutorial missions in Firestone, killed some local bandit leaders like Nine-toes, Sledge and some other guy, blew up a pipeline, cleared some crap off a windmill, killed and ran over a bunch of skags, including Moe and Marley, cleared all the other missions and then traveled to the second area called “The Dahl Headlands” I think. My character is level 20, but since most of the game felt like a tutorial up to now, I’m guessing the ending is not near. Anyway, I’m loving the game, so I plan to play allot more. I mean like, right now!