Dragon Age: Origins, Part 1

I got this for my sister’s husband who is really new to gaming in general, and role playing games especially. This is why he asked me to also start playing it so I can help him if he runs into trouble. I have to say, I did not regret installing it. It’s basically the closest thing to Baldur’s Gate since Baldur’s Gate.  I started with an elven mage. He did the Harrowing, which is something like a final exam for mages, got recruited to the Grey Wardens and managed to almost die in a battle. Basically, this means I got trough the intro of the game, and now the real thing started. I have to go to a few different nations and force them to honor a contract in which they all promised to help out when the Blight comes again. My party is filling up pretty fast. You can lead 4 characters at a time, but I already have 6 in total.

The game itself is loads of fun. It’s not as hardcore as Baldur’s Gate, but there is lots of strategy involved, unless you play at the easiest difficulty level. The quests almost always have multiple ways to complete them, and the lore is rich and interesting. My guess is Bioware is trying to turn this into a franchise, so we can expect plenty of sequels. The more, the merrier, I say!