Dragon Age: Origins, Part 7

I managed to get the dwarven girl accepted in to the magic school. Since dwarves really can’t do magic, theory is all she will get, but she seems happy about that, so I’m happy to. After that, I went on to explore one of the locations nearby that I haven’t visited before. I’ve found a soldier that fought with me in the first battle getting killed by soldiers of the local baron or something. Before he died, he told me he hid a key to the king’s chest in Ostagar which contained some important documents. This means I had to return to Ostagar to get those documents. While there, I killed some of the Dark Spawn leaders and managed to recover the king’s armor, weapon and shield, as well as Duncan’s sword and dagger. Alistair wears the armor now, and the dagger went to Leliana. We’ve also found the king’s body and gave him a proper ceremony.

After that, I decided to go explore Soldier’s peak, which is an old Warden fortress. It was haunted by demons, so I had to clear that as well as try to find evidence that the great grandmother of someone I met at the camp was a Warden. I didn’t manage to find any evidence, but my main characters got a few new powers, which also unlocked the Diabolist achievement, and I’ve found a Warden mage responsible for all the demons. He helped us close the portals and stayed there to research more ethical ways to help the wardens.

Even though there was no evidence of Levi’s grandmother being a Warden, we did find her body being possessed by a demon, so we had to kill her again. Levi decided to stay at the fortress and use it as storage for his merchandise. Pretty soon, I will be able to buy stuff from him there. Anyway, I have my own castle now and I think I did most of the outdoor quests that I’m strong enough for at this point, so it’s time to go find a cure for Arl Eamon.