Dragon Age: Origins, Part 6

The Dwarves are on my side now. I had to go on a long trip through the Deep Roads to find the paragon Branka. On the way, I solved a few side quests and realized that Branka went a bit crazy on here expedition. I killed a Broodmother, and found Branka close to her goal of finding the Anvil of Void. She tricked me into passing the gauntlet of traps before the Anvil for her and then tried to convince to take the Anvil in spite of the fact that the golems it creates are made from dwarves that have to die in agony. I decided to not side with her, and go with Caridin, the paragon who originally created the golems and was now a golem himself. We defeated Branka, with the help of her husband (which I didn’t want because he sucks as a tank) and, after forging a crown for the new dwarven king, he threw himself into the lava bellow (or is it magma?).

I decided to give the crown to Bhelen, but now I’m not really sure that was the good choice, because he immediately decided to execute the competition. Still, he wants to move the dwarven society forward, and at least he didn’t cheat in order to get the advantage in the assembly.

After this, I left the dwarven kingdom and gave another shot at Flemeth. Off course, I failed so I guess I’m still not ready for that. Next up, more side quests and then maybe it will be time to go to Denerim.