Dragon Age: Origins, Part 8

Again I slack at posting! Sorry about that, I will do my best not to let it happen again. A whole bunch of stuff happened in the game since I last wrote here. First I went to Denerim and reunited Alistair with his sister, which didn’t go as he hoped. Seems his sister is a bit more on the material side, so he ended up promising that he will take care of her. I have also dealt with Marjorie, or whatever the name of Leliana’s old friend was. We didn’t kill her, but she did drop the matter for the time being. After that, I did a bunch of side quests and ended up in brother Genitivi’s house. His apprentice was there and said that the brother went to look for the urn based on a clue he found. After I tried to open a door in the backroom of the house, the apprentice attacked me, so I had to kill him. It turns out the body of the real apprentice was in the room.

The clues led me to a village all the way to the west. As soon as I entered, I realized the villagers are acting extremely weird. A few moments later, they attacked me and it turns out they are cultists, guarding the temple where Andraste’s ashes are kept. After a bunch of fighting, I realized they aren’t really fanatics that worship Andraste, but actually fanatics that worship a dragon posing as Andraste. I had to kill the dragon, and then, after solving a bunch of puzzles, I managed to get some ashes for Arl Eamon.

After curing Eamon, I did an extremely large amount of side quests, which got me an achievement, and then decided to go with the Arl to Denerim and call for a Landsmeet. This is where I am now. The late king’s wife asked for my help in freeing her from her father, so that’s what I will try next.