Dragon Age: Origins, Part 9 [COMPLETED]

I managed to save the queen and even thought I’ve convinced her and Alistair to marry and affirm their chances to claim the throne. Alistair and I got ourselves captured, bud trough some clever disguises and persuasion, we managed to escape and return to Eamon’s estate. After this, I went to the elven alienage and destroyed a slaving operation which was organized by Loghain. This was all the evidence I needed to get the nobles on my side. The Landsmeet started and, after being cornered, Loghain challenged me to a duel. I defeated him easily and then got the option to recruit him into the ranks of the Grey Wardens. Alistair made it very clear that if I do that, he will be gone, so I chose him and Loghain was executed.

With the nobles on my side and the army assembled, everything was ready for the final assault. The horde went for Denerim and, since the army, due to wrong information, assembled at Redcliffe, when we got back to Denerim, It was already under assault. I managed to kill 2 of the Darkspawn generals and then assaulted the tower where the archdemon was. It was a lengthy battle, but in the end I managed to defeat him with only Alistair and the protagonist left alive. Thanks to Morrigan’s ritual, I survived the final blow and that was it. Game completed! It took me over 60 hours, but it’s finally over.

Not much to say about the game. It’s a standard Bioware RPG. Not as much polish as the older games or Mass Effect, but fun, with a good story and an interesting system. Who knows, I might even return to it one day to complete the rest of the achievements. I recommend the game to any fan of western RPGs.