Eufloria [1] – First Two Worlds

I forgot to write about this “RTS”, even though I played it a few days ago. I say “RTS” because, while the premise is the same, the complexity makes it closer to some simple (albeit very pretty) flash game. You control an army of seedlings colonizing a field of perfectly circular asteroids. You build trees on these asteroids and fight enemy seedlings.

Eufloria Screenshot

This is a pretty picture, but if you haven’t played Eufloria, there’s no way to know what it actually is.

The game is fun enough and usually relaxing, but the one thing it lacks is a rally point system. Still, in spite of this flaw, I managed to complete the first two worlds, leaving three more to clear. For now, I find the game just OK, so I won’t be aiming to clear it 100%. The campaign will suffice.