Final Fantasy VIII [25] – Got There!

It took some TV watching and mindless button pushing, but I finally got the last character, Selphie, to level 100. It took longer than necessary to. At one point, I became careless so I didn’t save for a while. A lucky Marlboro managed to kill my entire party, so I was set back about 20 levels.

Final Fantasy VIII, All Characters Level 100

No more leveling!

While we’re at it, I should also mention that all of my GFs other than Eden have reached level 100 as well. She’s only at 84 for some reason, but she has all the abilities I need, so I’m fine with that, since I’m not really using them to do damage anyway.In any case, the grinding was done, so the first thing I did was to use a tent and save my game. The second thing I did was to buy a whole bunch of amnesia greens and delete all the GF abilities I won’t need any more. The stat bonus abilities were the first to go, of course. After that, I went through each GF that was at 9999 health and saved my game before trying to delete the lowest GF HP bonus ability and check if the HP went bellow 9999. This cleared some more room in the GF ability department, allowing me to move on with my plan.

Final Fantasy VIII, Most GF Level 100

Some leveling, but nothing to focus on.

Finally, once all of that is done, I will be going to the Lunatic Pandora to complete the game for the first time ever!My next goal is to upgrade all of the party’s weapons to their maximum levels. To do that, I need to roam around the world for a bit, to gather up some items. Once that’s done, I will be stocking up on high level spells for junction and finally refine some ability items so all of my characters have good ability coverage with their GF.